2024-02-22 LG Minutes

28 03 2024

Date: February 22, 2024

Agenda and Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

At the little dome meeting circle near the Sanctuary.

Zyzzy called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm SLT

Present: Sofia, Et, Zyzzy, Raven, Zoe, TED, Prosper



Minutes – Zyzzy

  • Approved the January Minutes

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

Treasurer’s report January 31, 2023

ASSETS DECEMBER 31, 2023 January 31, 2024
Magic’s account L$77,302 L$7628
Byk’s account L$154,610 US$1046.68
($950 in paypal)
L$142,610 US$1046.68
($950 in paypal)
KIVA: US$130 US$130
Total Assets L$231,912 US$1176.68 L$150,238 US$1176.68
EXPENSES DECEMBER 31, 2023 January 31, 2024
Presenters: L$103,000 L$8,000
Rent: L$300,000 L$75,000
Advertising: L$2400 L$200
Total Expenses L$405,000 L$83,200
INCOME DECEMBER 31, 2023 January 31, 2024
Plate collections: L$79,661 L$10,200
Pledge payments: L$326,019 2023: 98.5% of pledged amount L$35,000 2023: 23% of pledged amount
Total Income L$405,680 L$45,200
Membership 38 38

As of January 31, 2023, we had pledges from 6 persons for L$150,000. In early March I will continue the pledge campaign by contacting members by IM.

I have stopped all loans on KIVA and as the loans that are out are repaid, I will collect the money and return it to the treasury.

UUtopia Report – Zyzzy

  • Aime moved to Alcott NNW
  • A new resident, Stella Vespera (far.wanderer) immediately snapped up Aime’s 1024 in UUtopia

Outreach – Et

  • Not much. GA June 20-23.

Library Report – ?

Worship Report (Sofia)

Here is the upcoming schedule for Thursday services through mid-2024. Note the color-coded blocks. Please double check the schedule for accuracy and availability. (Zyzzy, Zoe, Sofia and Raven are in the regular rotation. Other volunteers are welcome!)


4-Jan Zyzzy
11-Jan Zoe
18-Jan Sofia
25-Jan Zyzzy
1-Feb Zoe Imbolc
8-Feb Sofia
15-Feb Zyzzy
22-Feb Raven
Feb-29 Sofia
7-Mar Zoe
14-Mar Zyzzy
21-Mar Raven Ostara
28-Mar Sofia
4-Apr Zoe
11-Apr Zyzzy
18-Apr Sofia
25-Apr Zoe
2-May Raven Beltane
9-May Zoe
16-May Zyzzy
23-May Sofia
30-May Raven
6-Jun Zyzzy
13-Jun Zoe
20-Jun Sofia Litha
27-Jun Raven Pride

2024 pagan holidays

Imbolc 1-Feb-24 Zoe
Ostara 19-Mar-24 Raven
Beltane 1-May-24 Raven
Litha 19-Jun Sofia
Lughnasadh 1-Aug-24 open
Mabon 21-Sep-24 Zoe
Samhain 1-Nov-24 Raven
Yule 20-Dec-24 Raven

Raven is willing to help DJ at a party after a pride service in June.

Saturday Service – TED

Saturdays have been just a few people, so I haven’t done the BUNT homilies. Trying to alternate Open Topic with a subject homily. Good discussions and company.

New Business

  • None

Next meeting: March 21 at Zyzzy’s new place: we can meet in the lagoon, on the beach, or around a campfire in the woods. Lots of space so it’s just a question of being in water, sand, or log seats.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:47 pm SLT.

Parking Lot (revisit or delete)

  • 8th Principle vote. See See next bullet. Also update Region Covenant.

Homework: research options for SJ work here in SL. (Grameen Bank? Camp Hill food bank)

FYI: Camp Hill food pantry donations can be sent to:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CampHillUU

at Zyzzy’s

little dome meeting circle

Sofia’s Beach Cabana