LG Minutes for 2024-03-28

25 04 2024


Date: March 28, 2024

Agenda and Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

At Zyzzy’s new place in the lagoon

Zyzzy called the meeting to order at 5:24 pm SLT

Present: Sofia, Et, Zyzzy, Raven, Zoe, TED

Absent: Prosper


Minutes – Zyzzy

  • Approved the February Minutes:

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

Treasurer’s report February 29, 2024

ASSETS January 31, 2024 Feb 29, 2024
Magic’s account L$7628 L$15,029
Byk’s account L$142,610 US$1046.68
($950 in paypal)
L$263,810 US$1046.68
($950 in paypal)
KIVA: US$130 US$130
Total Assets L$150,238 US$1176.68 L$278,839 US$1176.68
EXPENSES January 31, 2024 Feb 29, 2024
Presenters: L$8,000 L$19,000
Rent: L$75,000 L$75,000
Advertising: L$200 L$400
Total Expenses L$83,200 L$94,400
INCOME January 31, 2024 Feb 29, 2024
Plate collections: L$6908 L$13,127
Pledge payments: L$35,000 L$174,089 2024: 69% of pledged amount
Total Income L$45,200 L$187,216
Membership 38 38

As of Feb 29, 2024 , we had pledges from 9 persons for L$252,777. Our normal operating expenses are roughly L$300,000 per year. I will begin contacting members who have not pledged via IM.

UUtopia Report – Zyzzy

  • Bel told the rental system that she will not continue to rent her parcel.
  • Hyacinth did so as well.

Outreach – Et

  • Not much. GA June 20-23 (online only, some free-to-view items).

Library Report – ?

  • Et: Sermon library finally coming together. Right now a few years set up; prototype at (near the small meeting circle)Et has services going back to 2007. Some good ones to revisit back there.

Worship Report (Sofia)

Here is the upcoming schedule for Thursday services through mid-2024. Note the color-coded blocks. Please double check the schedule for accuracy and availability. (Zyzzy, Zoe, Sofia and Raven are in the regular rotation. Other volunteers are welcome!)


14-Mar Zyzzy
21-Mar Raven
28-Mar Sofia
4-Apr Zoe
11-Apr Zyzzy
18-Apr Sofia
25-Apr Zoe
2-May Raven Beltane
9-May Zoe
16-May Zyzzy
23-May Sofia
30-May Raven
6-Jun Zyzzy
13-Jun Zoe
20-Jun Sofia Litha
27-Jun Raven Pride

2024 pagan holidays

Imbolc 1-Feb-24 Zoe
Ostara 19-Mar-24 Raven
Beltane 1-May-24 Raven
Litha 19-Jun Sofia
Lughnasadh 1-Aug-24 open
Mabon 21-Sep-24 Zoe
Samhain 1-Nov-24 Raven
Yule 20-Dec-24 Raven

Raven is willing to help DJ at a party after a pride service in June.

Saturday Service

Saturdays have been just a few people, so I haven’t done the BUNT homilies. Trying to alternate Open Topic with a subject homily. Good discussions and company.

New Business

  • In our group email we’ve planned, written, and revised a letter to Linden Research about problems in Second Life: at today’s meeting we plan to review, discuss, perhaps approve and sign.
  • Moved to accept current draft email:
  • Meanwhile, here’s the Third Draft, amended during the LG meeting:

FUUCSL Leadership Group

15 Fremont Street

Westfield, MA 01085

Thursday, 28 March, 2024

Linden Research, Inc.

548 Market St, PMB 59201

San Francisco, CA 94104-5401

945 Battery St,

San Francisco, CA 94111

Dear Oberwolf Linden and Philip Linden,

As a religious community that has contributed to the economy and culture of Second Life for over seventeen years, we are writing to express our concerns and urge Linden Research to proactively address serious issues that have been raised repeatedly over the years.

We recognize the value that Second Life offers to a wide range of users, including religious groups, disability and social justice groups, as well as education, scientific, and creative communities. Our preference is to see the virtual world improve rather than to leave it. However, we must also consider our ethical and financial responsibilities. We recently withdrew funding from Kiva due to concerns with its financial dealings, and we are prepared to do the same with Second Life if the fiscal and ethical issues remain unaddressed.

We urgently request Linden Labs to directly address the following concerns:

1. Compliance with cybersecurity laws and data security risks

2. Vulnerability to misuse for money laundering and gambling

3. Potential virtual or real sexual harassment of children and child sexual abuse or “ageplay,” whether conducted by adults with child avatars or by actual children (due to possible failure of age verification)

4. Possibility of profiting from illegal activity and from images and videos of that activity, and the exportation of those images for real-world circulation

5. Concerns about the corporate culture, its climate, and inclusivity

We appreciate the “Official Statement From Executive Chairman Oberwolf Linden” issued on Wednesday, the 20th of March. It is a nice pledge to support the guidelines, but it is in essence a placeholder response with no substantive information, and does not allow for dialogue with, involvement of, or input by users in the democractic process which our Unitarian Universalist princples affirm and support.

Previous to Wednesday’s statement, the only indication of an effort to address these issues was a blog post claiming an unattributed indication by “reliable sources” to a sole blogger that the company was conducting internal investigations. It would be in the best interest of Linden Research and its Second Life users for your company to make a good faith effort to address these ongoing and repeated concerns in a public, transparent, and accountable manner.

We suggest the following proactive measures:

1. Contracting an outside auditing and security consulting firm

2. Hiring security and financial compliance managers with solid backgrounds and no previous connections to the company

3. Providing open, ongoing, two-way communication with Second Life users regarding these issues, to keep us updated on progress

Implementing these measures would increase our confidence in your company and our comfort in maintaining a presence on the Second Life platform.

Second Life has been experiencing a decline in user numbers for some time. We would prefer to see this virtual world, with its excellent potential, improve and expand. Our efforts to that end will be ongoing, including the publication of this letter on our website and outreach to other groups that may be interested in joining forces with us. The issues raised do not disappear when people are silent; they are resolved only when people are vocal and proactive, as we hope Linden Research itself will be.

Imagine the positive impact Linden Research could have by taking a leadership position, modeling constructive change and responsiveness to users in an online platform. Other corporations may follow your lead, resulting in better virtual realities and their positive influence as part of the larger, very real world we all share.

We thank you in advance for your efforts and look forward to your response.


FUUCSL Leadership Group

Zyzzy Zarf, moderator
Etaoin Barcelona, secretary
Sofia Freenote, treasurer
Zoetrope Ocelot
Raven Cutrere

  • Suggestion: Real names on snail-mail to Linden Labs. Avatar names on the web site.
  • Since they all use SL names in communications, we stay with the avatar names.
  • We’ll deliver the letter three ways: inworld, in snail mail (945 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111), and as email.
  • Zoe doing snailmail; Zyzzy will do email and drop in their profiles
  • Published on minutes as part of our minutes
  • Research other groups we may share this with and bring it up at next meeting as NEW BUSINESS

Next meeting: April 25 at another place at Zyzzy’s (to be identified next month)

The meeting was adjourned at 6:06 pm SLT.

Parking Lot: (revisit or delete)

  • 8th Principle vote. See See next bullet. Also update Region Covenant.

Homework: research options for SJ work here in SL. (Grameen Bank? Camp Hill food bank)

FYI: Camp Hill food pantry donations can be sent to:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CampHillUU