How to become an official voting member of The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Second Life (FUUCSL):

To Become a Member

Please send an IM or notecard to “FUUCSLTreasurer Byk” –  requesting to join and indicating your financial pledge for the current calendar year.  You may pay that pledge to the treasurer now or at any time during the current year or, if you are unable to financially contribute at this time, please IM the treasurer and someone will send you suggestions for volunteer opportunities.

How much should you pledge?  That’s an individual choice but it would be wonderful if our pledge drive could come up with an average pledge of something like $L500 per person, which is about US$1.85.

Our treasurer is an avatar created solely for that purpose.  Its name is “FUUCSLTreasurer Byk”.  To communicate with the treasurer, search for its name in SL and from its profile you may send Instant Messages (IMs) or make pledge payment or donations.

Donations to the plates in the sanctuary in Lovelace are considered free-will offerings (like putting cash in the plate in a RL church) and do not count towards your pledge.

The method for becoming an official voting member of FUUCSL is described in the bylaws:

Any person who shall indicate a willingness to support this organization and subscribe to its purposes, as above, and who expresses a desire to join it, can do so by sending an IM to the Treasurer requesting to join.  Members are expected to regularly contribute by supporting the organization financially and/or volunteering in its activities.  The Treasurer may remove from membership individuals who have not signed on to SL within the last six months or who have not contributed within the last year.  Members shall be assigned the role of “Voting Member” in the SL group Unitarian Universalists of SL.