2024-01-25 LG Minutes

22 02 2024


Date: January 25, 2024

Agenda and Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

At the little dome meeting circle near the Sanctuary.

Zyzzy called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm SLT

Present: Sofia, Et, Zyzzy, Raven, Zoe, TED, Prosper



Minutes – Zyzzy

  • Approved the December Minutes:

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

Treasurer’s report December 31, 2023

Magic’s account L$79,641 L$77,302
Byk’s account L$131,441 US$1096.68 L$154,610 US$1046.68
($950 in paypal)
KIVA: US$475 US$130
Total Assets L$211,082 US$1571.68 L$231,912 US$1176.68
EXPENSES 2022 2023
Presenters: L$103,000 L$103,000
Rent: L$300,000 L$300,000
Advertising: L$2400 L$2400
Total Expenses L$405,400 L$405,400
INCOME 2022 2023
Plate collections: L$78,104 L$79,661
Pledge payments: L$317,122 2022: 99.4% of pledged amount L$326,019 2023: 98.5% of pledged amount
Total Income L$395,226 L$405,680
Membership 35 38

· In 2023 there were 13 pledging members, down from 14 in 2022, and 18 in 2021. I will begin soliciting 2024 pledges in February, by announcements at services, notices and personal IMs.

UUtopia Report – Zyzzy

  • I’ve been in contact with Pomona. I’ve asked her to give me modify permission for her stuff, as I’m considering moving it to a skybox.
  • LunaLinda wanted a 1024, but there wasn’t one available, which is why I’m thinking of moving Pomona.
  • Options:
    • Put Pomona’s stuff in a skybox
    • Move her meditation area in the commons, rest into a skybox
    • Split some of Zyzzy’s land to free up some 1024’s

Outreach – Et

  • FYI: Revised Article II is a topic for January in my RL congregation.
  • Et updated the Article II billboard with the latest wording.

Library Report – ?

  • Pomona will not be in SL for the foreseeable future.
  • Et has set up a blue ball object behind the new Article II Values billboard to accept notecards: service notecards or OOS’s. They will be renamed “OOS yyyy-mm-dd topic (name of service leader)” (it might change, Et to rename.) Also setting up a set of panels, one for each year, to retrieve services. January: Still in progress, but a few years should show up Really Soon.

Worship Report (Sofia)

Here is the upcoming schedule for Thursday services through mid-2024. Note the color-coded blocks. Please double check the schedule for accuracy and availability. (The regular rotation is Zyzzy-Zoe-Sofia).


4-Jan Zyzzy
11-Jan Zoe
18-Jan Sofia
25-Jan Zyzzy
1-Feb Zoe Imbolc
8-Feb Sofia
15-Feb Zyzzy
22-Feb Raven
Feb-29 Sofia
7-Mar Zoe
14-Mar Zyzzy
21-Mar Raven Ostara
28-Mar Sofia
4-Apr Zoe
11-Apr Zyzzy
18-Apr Sofia
25-Apr Zoe
2-May Raven Beltane
9-May Zoe
16-May Zyzzy
23-May Sofia
30-May Raven
6-Jun Zyzzy
13-Jun Zoe
20-Jun Sofia Litha
27-Jun Raven Pride

2024 pagan holidays

Imbolc 1-Feb-24 Zoe
Ostara 19-Mar-24 Raven
Beltane 1-May-24 Raven
Litha 19-Jun Sofia
Lughnasadh 1-Aug-24 open
Mabon 21-Sep-24 Zoe
Samhain 1-Nov-24 Raven
Yule 20-Dec-24 Raven

Raven is willing to help DJ at a party after a pride service in June.

Saturday Service

Saturdays have been just a few people, so I haven’t done the BUNT homilies. Trying to alternate Open Topic with a subject homily. Good discussions and company.

New Business

  • Are we still called Lovelace? (Check FUUSCL website; may be a historical artifact)
  • Should we drop Kiva and find another way to have an effect in RL? (Zyzzy)

(note to Sofia if you see this–we did lose your voice partway through your comments as you fully crashed)

Motion: No new Kiva loans to be made.

(seconded and passed. Note Joan Ixito was the originator of this.)

Homework: research options for SJ work here in SL. (Grameen Bank? Camp Hill food bank)

FYI: Camp Hill food pantry donations can be sent to:

Facebook: Camp Hill UU page

Next meeting: February 22

At little dome meeting circle

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm SLT.

Parking Lot: (revisit or delete)

  • 8th Principle vote. See See next bullet. Also update Region Covenant.

at Zyzzy’s

little dome meeting circle

Sofia’s Beach Cabana