2023-02-23 LG Minutes

22 03 2023

Date: February 23, 2023

Agenda and Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Party Platform.

Zyzzy called the meeting to order at 5:36 pm SLT

Present: Zyzzy, Pomona, Sofia, Et, TED, Zoe, Prosper

Absent: Raven

Observing: Hyacinth

Minutes – Zyzzy

  • Approved the January Minutes:

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia –

Treasurer’s report January 31, 2023

ASSETS DECEMBER 31, 2022 January 31, 2023
Magic’s account L$79,641 L$6859
Byk’s account L$131,441 US$1096.68 L$128,441 US$1096.68
KIVA: US$475 US$475
Total Assets L$211,082 US$1571.68 L$135,300 US$1571.68
EXPENSES 2022 2023
Presenters: L$103,000 L$8000
Rent: L$300,000 L$75,000
Advertising: L$2400 L$200
Total Expenses L$405,400 L$83,200
INCOME 2022 2023
Plate collections: L$78,104 L$7418
Pledge payments: L$317,122 2022: % of pledged amount L$0*
Total Income L$395,226 L$7418
Membership 35 35

*Pledge drive begins in February

UUtopia Report – Zyzzy

  • Aime moved to Alcott NNW
  • A new resident, Stella Vespera (far.wanderer) immediately snapped up Aime’s 1024 in UUtopia

Outreach – Et

  • GA!. Et, Zyzzy, and Sofia planning on attending. Prosper may also. (GA 2024 may be all virtual.)

Library Report – Pomona

  • No news

Worship Report (Sofia)

Here is the upcoming schedule for Thursday services through May of 2023. Note the color-coded blocks. Please double check the schedule for accuracy and availability. (The regular rotation is Zyzzy-Zoe-Sofia).

Here are the upcoming pagan services for 2023. Raven has claimed some and some are open. If anyone wishes to lead one of the open services, please let me know, and I’ll include it in the schedule..

  • Imbolc: February 2nd, 2023 Zoe (reg rotation)
  • Ostara: March 23rd, 2023* Raven
  • Beltane: April 27th, 2023* Raven
  • Litha/Midsummer: June 22nd, 2023 Prosper
  • Lughnasadh: July 27th, 2023 Pomona
  • Mabon: September 21st, 2023 Zoe
  • Samhain: October 26th, 2023* Raven
  • Yule: December 21st, 2023* Raven

The (somewhat) regular rotation proceeds as follows:


5-Jan Zyzzy 1000
12-Jan Raven 1000
19-Jan Sofia 1000
26-Jan Zyzzy 1000
2-Feb Etaoin IMBOLC
9-Feb Sofia
16-Feb Zyzzy
23-Feb Zoe
2-Mar Sophia
9-Mar Zyzzy
16-Mar Zoe
23-Mar Raven OSTARA
30-Mar Zyzzy
6-Apr Pomona
13-Apr Sofia
20-Apr Zoe
27-Apr Raven BELTANE
4-May Hyacinth
11-May Zyzzy
18-May Zoe
25-May Sofia
1-Jun Zyzzy
8-Jun Zoe
15-Jun Sofia

Saturday service

  • Pretty good attendance at SatSvc recently, several Europeans, nice folks.

New Business

  • Congregational vote to adopt 8th principle? Congregational vote to include current Principles in our Bylaws?
  • Proposed 8th Principle language: We value the cultural diversity, communication, and cooperation of all social groups; we hope to extinguish misconceptions, stereotypes, discrimination, and other oppressions in ourselves and in our institutions.
  • Do we explicitly include racism? ableism? Xenophobia? Agency? Right to choose? Gender identity? Other things we are “uncomfortable to talk about”?
  • National proposal: “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

Next meeting: March 23 at the little meeting circle near Sanctuary.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:17 pm SLT.

Parking Lot
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  • FOR NEXT MEETING, Should we as a congregation endorse the 8th principle? Sofia will take it as a topic in her series on the principle on December 29 so we should wait one more month before we discuss it at the Leadership Group (says Sofia).