2021-01-28 LG Minutes

25 02 2021

Date: January 28, 2021

Agenda and Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

January meeting 5:30pm SLT Sofia’s Temple in Alcott

Zyzzy called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm SLT

Present: Zyzzy, Sofia, Et, Zoe, TED, Pomona, Liliana


Observing: Freda

Minutes – Etaoin

  • December needs some extraneous words removed below the finance grids
  • December’s minutes acceptance moved, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

Treasurer’s report December 31, 2020 (Note this is CY 2020.)

Magic’s account L$103,853 L$126,935
Byk’s account L$27,182 US$1096.68 L$54,218 US$1096.68
KIVA: US$475 US$475
Total Assets L$156,035 US$1571.68 L$181,153 US$1571.68
EXPENSES 2019 2020
Presenters: L$52,000 L$84,000
Rent: L$300,000 L$300,000
Advertising: L$2600 L$2600
Total Expenses L$354,600 L$386,600
INCOME 2019 2020
Plate collections: L$105,062 L$125,682
Pledge payments: L$275,334 2019: 101% of pledged amount L$312.066 2020: 101% of pledged amount*
Total Income L$380,396 L$437,748
Membership 44 39

In 2020, there were 15 pledging members. I will begin soliciting 2021 pledges in February, by announcements at services, notices and personal IMs.

TED will give CDs to pledging members this year. She will send information to Sofia for the pledge drive.

UUtopia Report – Zyzzy

  • Big changes with Freda dropping Nightingale and buying two new homestead regions, UUtopias Harper and Anthony, named for Frances Harper and Susan B. Anthony.
  • She also took the UUtopia NNW parcel for the Belles’ Theater.

Sanctuary Sound System – Zyzzy

  • I’ve mostly completed the new Streaming Music Jukebox for the Sanctuary. There are only a few fiddly bits remaining to deal with.The Jukebox uses a web page for selecting songs like the previous version, but instead of putting the URL of the chosen mp3 file into the parcel music field, it puts a streaming server URL there and streams the chosen songs through that server. This eliminates the looping problem that we currently have with direct playback of mp3s. There may be other problems – I’ve heard some dropouts, probably because I set the buffers too small. I’ve increased their size, so let me know if you hear any burbles.This jukebox now allows queueing music. The queue is shown on the web page. Note that it removes the “next song” 30-ish seconds before it starts playing due to the server lag. You can also skip the current song, clear the queue, and stop the music. Be careful of the server lag – skipping a song when it’s near the end may end up skipping the next song in the queue instead.Note that this is currently running on a server in my house. At some point, I’ll make the server selectable. Also, because it’s running from my house, I have to have the song files on that server too, so for now, only I can change what’s available. Feel free to send me mp3s (128kbps, CBR) or just song names & artists and I’ll add them. I hope to eventually allow playing songs from the FUUCSL music library.If you try to use the jukebox, but nothing happens, let me know and I’ll restart the server. Having it auto-restart is one of the upcoming enhancements.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Outreach – Et

  • No recent activity. Online UUA General Assembly coming up.

Library Report – Pomona

  • Book club proposal. Pomona will be in touch with Cat who is proposing a book club at the library of world religions. A poster in the library is OK. Using the library group is OK. Announcement from UU of SL one time is OK. Pomona will be responsible for this project.

Saturday Worship Report (from TED)

  • About 6 people showing up regularly, including Europeans. The alternating weeks of open discussion and written service works well for TED.

Worship Report (Sofia)

    • Here is the upcoming schedule for Thursday services through the end of May. Note the color-coded blocks. This is my way of ensuring that each one of the regular four presenters are in a regular rotation. Please check to be sure that it suits you. We can always make trades.
    • Special dates:

      18 March Liliana
      29 April Liliana
      16 Sept Liliana
      28 Oct Liliana
      16 Dec Liliana

7-Jan TED
14-Jan Pomona
21-Jan Prosper
28-Jan Zyzzy
4-Feb Zoe
11-Feb Sofia
18-Feb Pomona
25-Feb Zyzzy
4-Mar Zoe
11-Mar Sofia
18-Mar Liliana
25-Mar Pomona
1-Apr Zyzzy
8-Apr Zoe
15-Apr Sofia
22-Apr Pomona
29-Apr Liliana
6-May Zyzzy
13-May Zoe
20-May Sofia
27-May Pomona

New Business

  • Saturday (and Thursday) services are still in the SL Event Calendar. Et sets them up 3 months at a time.

Next meeting February 25 at 5:30pm SLT in History Cafe

The meeting was adjourned at 6:19 pm SLT.