2018-04-26 LG Minutes

24 05 2018

Date: April 26, 2018

Agenda and Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting

Zyzzy called the meeting to order at 5:36

Zyzzy, Zoe, TED, Et

Absent: Ori, Sofia, Tim


Minutes – Etaoin

  • March’s minutes’ acceptance moved, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Sofia

Treasurer’s report March 31, 2018

ASSETS February 28, 2018 March 31, 2018
Magic’s account L$21,891 L$25,924
Byk’s account L$119,093 US$842.73 L$144,093 US$842.73
KIVA: US$475 US$475
Total Assets L$140,984 US$1317.73 L$170,017 US$1317.73
EXPENSES February 28, 2018 March 31, 2018
Presenters: L$8000 L$13,000
Rent: L$75,000 L$75,000
Advertising: L$400 L$600
Total Expenses L$83,400 L$88,600
Plate collections: L$14,436 L$24,276
Pledge payments: L$62,650 L$92,850
Total Income L$77,086 L$117,126
Membership 43 43

UUtopia Report – Zyzzy

  • Sandra Voss has disappeared. Her rental is still active, but unless I hear from her soon, I will reclaim it.

Outreach – Et

  • Et is planning to attend General Assembly (6/20-24 in Kansas City).
  • Update about the writers’ sim having “field trips,” Zoe got the months muddled. The visitors from Milk Wood to UUtopia will hold a write-in at our library in November, not in April as previously advertised.
  • Rev Jeremy is leading meditation services in Sansar.

Library Report – Bel

  • No report this month.

Worship Report

  • Thank you to Sofia, Zoe, and Zyzzy for leading services.

New Business

  • None

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm SLT

Next meeting May 24, 2018