2012-01-25 LG Minutes

8 02 2012
Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group Meeting
Thursday, January 26, 2012
The meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm SLT by Zyzzy Zarf.
Present: Zyzzy Zarf, Darcy Cedarbridge, Etaoin Barecelona, Joan Ixito, Zena Silverstar, Sofia Freenote, and Tee Auster
Visitor: Desire Jacques


The December 8, 2011 minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report (Sofia Freenote)

December 31, 2011

Individual Accounts Magic: L$81, 104
Byk: L$14,821 US$1481.45
KIVA: US$475
Assets L$95,925 US$1481.45 KIVA $475
Expenses in 2011 Presenters: L$70,000
Rent: L$109,443
Advertising: L$2600
Income in 2011 to date Plate collections: L$127,055  avg L$230 *see note
Pledge payments: L$70,802  Total Income  L$197,857
  • Membership = 60
  • Covert  some linden to US$

Report on Pledge and membership campaign – Sofia Freenote

  • 14 people have pledged for a total pledge amount of $85,000
  • $64,600 has been paid
  • Two new members: Willi3 Markstein and Aurora Yatsenka
  • Will CLF Broadcast influence membership?
  • Pledge season set until the end of February

Visitors Report – Etaoin Barcelona

  • 18 visitors at one time noted. They may have been a student groups
  • 2-3 new residents a day
  • CFL webcast on Sunday, ET sends a SL avatar to the chat window which has generated some visitors
  • The learning curve can be frustrating
Security for UUtopia – Zyzzy Zarf
  • Some parcels are not guarded for griefers
  • Zyzzy  will check and adjust options and setting
  • Zyzzy will add the recommended setting to the rental info and send out a group notice
  • Settings for water access and common areas

Kiva report – Joan Ixito

Month Number of members % change  Loans per member  Total loaned
 March (quarterly) 13 43 3.2  $1075
 May 13 57 4.4  $1475
August 14 69 4.9  $1775
November 14 79 5.6  $2050
December 14 96 7.2  $2600
January 14 107 7.6  $2750
  • In January 2012 we have 14 members, 107 loans, 7.6 loans/member
  • TOTAL of $2750 lent
  • Loan per member and total invested is increasing represents an increase for each reporting period
  • We are making a difference!

Lecture Series – Joan

  • None  are currently scheduled
  • We will keep offering the lecture series

Residency Rate – Zyzzy


  • We still have empty parcels
  • Break even =  Alcott has to be fully rented to break even
  • Possible subdivision to two large parcels
  • Increase in rental rates by 25% to off set the occupancy rate
  • The goal is to be self-sustaining
  • The importance of the common area and the community
  • Possibly raising the rate on the FUUSL land
  • Rental parcels will be promoted at services

Social Media – Tee Auster 

  • Holdover to next meeting
  • Peter Morales’ letter about UUA congregations – Etaoin

New Business

  • Presenters will be asked to submit their homily/sermon to Google Docs and Tee will post it to the website

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 SLT

Library Report-Pomona Writer

  • There were 73 unique visitors to the UUtopia Library in the past month .
  • There were 57 unique visitors to The Imaginary Press print shop.