2011-05-26 LG Minutes

29 06 2011

Minutes of the FUUCSL Leadership Group meeting of Thursday, May 26, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 5:47 pm SLT by Zyzzy Zarf.

Present: Zyzzy Zarf, Joan Ixito, Pomona Writer, Etaoin Barcelona, Darcy Cedarbridge, Zena Silverstar and Sofia Freenote.

Visitors: Gward Resident

Minutes: (Pomona Writer)

The Minutes of the April meeting LG meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: (Sofia Freenote)

Assets L$75,337 US$1481.45 KIVA $475
Expenses in 2011
Presenters: L$23,500
Rent: L$54,768
Advertising: L$950
Income in 2011 to date
Plate collections: L$51,520
Pledge payments: L$15,750

54 members; no new members.

MSP: There will be a 2011 Pledge Drive/Reminder with notification about voting privileges. Sofia will send out the message to the larger group.

KIVA Report: (Joan Ixito)

  • 12 “members” with a total of 57 loans

  • 1 member donated to administrative funds

  • 6 loans fully repaid; repaid loans are not counted as “members”.

  • 13 loans in re-payment process; as loans paid off, money is re-loaned.

  • Money can be retrieved from KIVA; everyone in KIVA has a credit balance, but most if reloaned.

  • Total $1,475 invested

Advertisement in UU World (Pomona)

  • Motives discussed; little interest evidenced, objectives questioned.

  • Etaoin suggested exploration of relationships with CLF at General Assembly should come first.

  • Pomona will investigate costs of World Magazine ads.

  • Zyzzy suggests “recognition” might result in rules being imposed on FUUCSL; he is “rather unfamiliar with what the UUA requires of congregations that call themselves UU.” Pomona relates history of FUUCSL’s previous exploration of becoming an official UUA congregation; at that time it would have been necessary to be incorporated in the real world. It was deemed too complicated, too expensive, too problematical. Etaoin reminds us that CLF is currently the only congregation that can exist in more than one District.

General Assembly

  • Those going to GA discussed meeting and possible contacts regarding CLF.

  • Objectives of a close relationship with CLF are discussed and questioned.

Collection Plate Donation Amounts (Zyzzy)

  • Suggested donations now set at L$1 to L$20; People can also type in their own donation number.

  • Sofia reports the current average donation is $L220.

  • MSP: Suggested donations will be changed to L$100, L$200, L$500, L$1000.

Multi-Language Notecard (Darcy)

  • Tabled until next meeting.

Visitors Report: (Etaoin Barcelona)

  • We see an average of 5-10 new names per day. We are still #2 in the Spirituality Section of the Destination Guide.

Signage: (Zyzzy Zarf)

  • Pomona checked to make sure height restrictions were mentioned in the Main Sign notecard.

  • Freda’s teleporters are checked daily and work well. A teleporter at the Main Sign was suggested.

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm SLT.

The next meeting will be 5th Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 5:30 pm SLT.

Respectfully submitted,
Pomona Writer, Secretary



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